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It is obvious that websites need continuous improvement. Just browse around for a few minutes and discover the sites that are looking old and obsolete. But there are many other reasons to redesign your site. Some of them are not obvious but are at the core of the site. This ITSAIL is really for anyone involved with websites. It will help you get the deep meaning of the site as well as more practical issues.

Why You May Need a Website Redesign Service:
  • Some material was no longer relevant and needed to be retired or demoted
  • There was so much information in the busiest area of the site that it was necessary to scroll the equivalent of two pages just to read the secondary navigational elements
  • The site needs more products or important information to show customers (from half-a-dozen pages to over one hundred)
  • Because plain HTML was used, many pages had to be updated whenever a new page was added. Design flaws cause incorrect listing in results
  • The company had changed significantly since the site's inception, and there was a requirement for the site to be more effective as a vehicle for Information & Design, while continuing to be a resource for the usability community
We’re going to borrow a page from it to map our redesign strategy.

The framework embodies 5 actions:
  • Remove what is redundant, outdated or trivial and providing no value
  • Reduce what isn’t providing enough value
  • Raise what has the potential to add more value
  • Create what isn’t available yet but can bring more value
  • Create Attractive Websites in conformity with your brand image which will help in information dissemination to your customers.
This guide will help you redesign a website according to your audience's needs and changing perceptions. It is no longer good enough to have a static website. It must capture their attention, have new information, and engage the visitor or 'adios' they are off to your competitors site.

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