Web Development
Website development, in literary terms, includes all the areas of developing a website for the Internet including graphical design, coding of pages, database connectivity, server configuration etc.

Industry standards

The Itsail development team is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of technology and as such, has detailed knowledge and experience with the following technologies and software:
  • Custom applications developed in PHP, Perl, .NET and Flex
  • Development for Linux and Windows platforms
  • HTML, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript, and DHTML
  • MySQL 5/4 Database Servers
  • Industry standard development tools such as the Adobe suite (including Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash)
  • Qualified developers, quality work
The Itsail development team has up-to-date qualifications in IT, Graphic Design, and Programming. For our clients it means that Itsail built websites are created to the highest standards in website development. So we not only have the expertise, but the experience to be able to implement your vision fast and effectively.

Supporting your project with a team of professionals

Developing a web solution, be it a website or web based application integrated with your business systems, demands highly skilled professionals working within a development framework that brings discipline and control to the project, ensuring a successful result for the client.

Itsail has recognised that only through the appointment of appropriately skilled managers and team leaders to our sales, design, production and support teams can we achieve and deliver a truly professional result for our clients. In creating a functionally structured organisation we ensure that we have the best qualified and experienced people working for you on your project.

Each of our managers has many years of experience as managers in their field of expertise. In order to deliver premium products we recognise that we need the best people with the right skills to lead our teams, develop our solutions and work with our clients. Itsail fosters a creative team environment comprised of dynamic technical experts all brought together to create company who prides itself on the quality of its people, its products and the results it achieves for its clients.

Innovation driving client development

It is widely accepted that sustained growth of a business must involve innovation within the business. Itsail sees such innovation as being essential and in fact has recognised a number of commercial opportunities through products developed for in-house use.

With a business the size of Itsail and with the number of client projects under development it is essential to have efficient and reliable management systems in place to control all aspects of our projects and finances. Itsail spend a considerable proportion of its revenue developing such systems to improve the quality of our services and product delivery to our clients. These systems form an integral part of our quality control processes that are embodied within our development methodology.

Such innovation has seen the realisation of our client 'lead management' and client 'trouble ticket logging' systems being integrated with our project management and CRM systems thus enabling us to monitor all levels of communication with our clients for the total life of the client relationship.

Our development methodology incorporates a comprehensive quality assurance framework of tests and checks that are integral to the delivery of your project.

Custom web application development

For those with unique requirements, Itsail can create a custom web application to facilitate your website. Itsail can create:
  • Interactive multimedia applications
  • Rich user interfaces
  • High level business applications specific to your business's processes
  • Website operating components tailored to your business requirements
  • Database design, administration and optimisation – not only storing everything you need, but making it quick and easy to find as well
  • Integration with leading industry applications

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