Dynamic Websites
Dynamic websites are database driven websites that have numerous advantages:
  • It helps you manage your own content: A database backed website promotes flexibility in information storage and information presentation on the Web. Additions and deletions to the content can be made without the help of a professional.
  • It keeps visitors coming back for a second look: Fresh content and regular updates keep your site relevant. With new and current information regularly posted on your website, you ensure targeted traffic to your website.
  • Strategic edge: Building a dynamic site is a strategically sound decision as changes are easy to make and regular updates keep the content fresh.
  • Managing visitors securely: Using passwords or other means to regulate access to various levels will allow you the privilege of letting visitors see only what you want them to see.
ITSAIL Technologies promises to create stunning dynamic Websites for you equipping you with the flexibility of managing your site yourself.

Some web framework we always use:
  • PHP + mySQL/TXT
  • ASP/ASP.NET + MSSQL/Access
  • JAVA + Oracle/mySQL/MSSQL(With Struts AND Webwork AND Spring AND Hibenate)
  • Ruby/Rails
  • Ajax
  • Javascript/VBScript
  • Div + CSS

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