Database Development
Any database driven application depends upon how effectively it can navigate in the underlying database. For effective navigation, databases require lot of maintenance and optimization on regular basis. Managing data is a huge task, and requires proper organization in some logical sequence. Organizing data into logical sequences makes it easily accessible and effective. In the current era of Information Technology, every organization has some data related requirements or the other.

With the hands-on experience of our programmers, databases can be managed on various platforms like MySQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL server, 4th dimension, Filemaker, DB2 and Oracle. We offer offsite as well as onsite database management services and are among the best in developing database management software system for document management, library database management and web database management.

We have a vast experience in developing or maintaining databases on:
  • MSSQL Server 7.0/2000
  • MS Access
  • Oracle 8i
  • Sybase
  • MS SQL Server
  • mySQL
  • Postgres
  • IBM DB2
We offers complete database services to help you organize your data in an effective manner. We ensure you get a hassle free data maintenance with latest features incorporated into your company database.

We offer:
  • Database designing(One Model)
  • Database Optimization
  • Database Administration
  • Data Extraction Services
  • Data Conversion Services
  • Data Maintenance and backup services

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