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If you have owned the static website, and need to add more dynamic interactive content, but you do not want to change the static pages site. we suggest you that use our "Code Only" services, we will not change your original site displayed forms to help you complete coding dynamic interactive website.

If you think your current website features dynamic are inadequate, for example, lack of the shopping module or online payment modules. we suggest you that use our "Code Only" service, we will desigin the satisfied modules according to your needs.

If you are not satisfied with certain functions of you dynamic website, such as verification codes are difficult to identify or inconvenient to use, we suggest you use our "Code Only" service, we will meet your needs, provide you a more powerful, more convenient, and more satisfied function.

If you think that your website may exist some loopholes, so you need to make the entire dynamic security assessment and site restoration loopholes in the work, please use our "Code Only" services, we will let your site become more secure.

Some web framework we always use:
  • PHP + mySQL/TXT
  • ASP/ASP.NET + MSSQL/Access
  • JAVA + Oracle/mySQL/MSSQL(With Struts AND Webwork AND Spring AND Hibenate)
  • Ruby/Rails
  • Ajax
  • Javascript/VBScript
  • Div + CSS

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