Content Management Systems (CMS)
Web content management solutions are becoming very popular and we know from experience that some websites need content updating on a more regular basis than others. Our web based content management solution will allow you to alter the content on your website at will, so you take complete control of your own site.

Our php content management software has the great advantage of being very flexible and very user friendly and unlike some web content management software it creates search engine friendly web addresses. It is a browser based web page editor allowing you to add new web pages, edit existing ones or to delete older unwanted pages. So in answer to your question 'Can I update my own website?', the answer is 'YES - Update your own website whenever you want to'.

What Is Content Management Software?
A web content management system is a web-based application that enables Webmasters and content creators to add and manage online content. They are particularly beneficial because they are much easier and quicker to use than having to alter a template for every new page or new paragraph that needs adding. You are in complete control of the content on your website and can manage the content on your web pages. There will be no need to ask your web designer to update or amend any of your text or images, you can do it yourself!

Using A Web Content Management System
ITSAIL content management system uses a template of your web pages and a graphical user interface to enable you to add content. This WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is highly intuitive and easy to master. Text can be entered in the same way as you would use a word processor and images and documents are generally inserted by the clicking of two or three simple buttons. The content is then added into the page template for your site and the page is added to your server. No HTML is necessary, although many web content management publishing systems do offer an HTML editor as well enabling you to add extra HTML elements.

Quick And Easy Content Addition
As well as using templates to facilitate the addition of uniform pages, The ITASAIL content management system can also be built using CSS design. A CSS, or Cascading Style Sheet, can be used to govern the appearance of certain on-page elements. The font and size of the content text is one common example, but CSS can also be used to dictate the appearance of links, images, tables, borders, and many other elements of a page.

ITSAIL CMS offers you an amazing amount of features that makes editing your site as easy as possible. These include:
  • Keep your content fresh
  • Flexible workflow procedures
  • Email Forms at a click of a button
  • Upload Images with server browsing support.
  • Ability to repurpose the same content to a variety of page templates for different audiences
  • Online interactive calendar
  • Document management system (such as spreadsheets, PDF documents, MP3 files etc.)
  • Easy to use Word-like editor
  • Search Engine friendly code
  • Quickly and easily add multi-tier drop-down menus

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